Advisory Services

Backed by solid experience in the financial industry, our team has developed skills in consulting services

Financial Modeling | Asset valuation | Budget & Cash Management

Create and develop solutions that facilitate the deployment of foreign capital to the African continent.

Strategic Planning Advisory

Consulting services for: Government / Financial institutions / SMEs / Individuals

Stuctured Finance

Strategies involving legal and corporate restructuring, off balance sheet accounting, or the use of financial instruments.

CPA Advisory

Provide expert recommendations, options, and strategies to help business owners achieve their financial and operational goals.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Understand and promote the impact of new technologies on African businesses through the creation and development of Business Intelligence solutions, products and services.

Digital Strategy

Focusing on using technology to improve business performance, information management and communication.

Create and Develop Financial Solutions

Vibrant financial markets play a critical role in channelling resources into productive investment and fostering growth.

Equity investments can be highly developmental because of their ability to support early and growth-stage companies that would otherwise not be able to take on debt, especially companies in low and lower-middle income countries. 

Mutual funds designed to potentially benefit from the emerging African economies and growing consumerism.

Create and Develop Fintech Products and Services

We help our clients develop innovative products and services. Developing new payment methods, providing mobile banking services, or offering microloans will position the startup to stand out from the competition.

We focus on developing innovative products and services, leveraging technology to drive down costs, building strategic partnerships with other stakeholders, and engaging actively with regulators to shape the regulatory environment in our favor.

Advisory Services

Bridge Advisory stands ready to advise and work with governments, businesses, multilateral development banks, development agencies and individuals applying sector specific experience and solutions to improve the economic and social development landscape in Africa.